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released June 12, 2012

Written, Performed, Programmed, Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by KURT ANDREW at his apartment in Rochester, NY

Photo credit - Juliana Russell



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Track Name: Souvenirs
Through those nights you lied awake
Thinking of the choices you have made
And you yearn to be free
Well those times have yet to be seen

And all those times you've gone alone
The troubles you did not show
You've waited so long
Well those times have come and gone

The choice is yours to make
What path do you take?
And time slips back
Along those cracks
You wait
To find yourself again
Track Name: Traveler
I recalled a time when we were lost
Following nothing but the paths beneath our feet
The journey was ours despite its cost
Chasing tales said through shattered teeth

And I can't help these days
Seem to whither and decay
But the traveler told me
That our dreams lie out in the sea

So we ran as far as we could
Searching for that path to start again
Like a sailor with no wind
Desperately paddling to see the end
Track Name: The End
From the hills I heard them shout my name
I armed myself for battle
So stubborn I left as soon as I could
Alone, I was. I did not think to look back

And though my life's taken many turns
With all its lessons I have learned

But I don't stop running towards the end
Because I know that battle will come again
And if that sun does not shine
May the moon guide our fight

From a young age I started battle
To live, To learn, To be free, to live this destiny
May our passion and will show us through
And may this battle end with us having the upper hand
Track Name: Voyage
There is a fight that will not go lost
Nails in the dirt we'll drag ourselves through this voyage

'Cos I know the sun will shine at this end
And our wounds will have healed and we'll be ready again

So turn to the sky
We're alone again
To our fears & cries
We'll cast them into the wind
Our lonesome demise
Will have to wait again
To live & learn
This journey is far from it's end